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Hello friends, today I’m going to tell you, what are the online courses and what is online learning? Many of you would have been aware of this if not so what have I been here. And in this post, I will tell you about the best websites for online learning. And I make sure that all these sites which I have mentioned in this article are the best websites to learn online.

What is online learning?

Online learning is a method or a way by which you can learn things and lessons by online mediums. This is called E-learning and sometimes also called MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses). You can learn through it at any time, anywhere and anything. And today in this competitive world you should have some extra skills to succeed in any field. So, these learning websites can acquire skills in areas where you are interested in.

What are the requirements for online learning?

  • First of all, a willingness to learn.
  • Internet access.
  • And any device to access this like a tablet, mobile phones or Desktop or PC.

Which are the best online courses?

Do you want to know which online courses are best for you? So that you can get ready for your dream jobs.

Your Answer to this Question is here: Which are the best online courses in 2019?

Now the internet has started spreading very fast, in India but these courses will not increase your chances to get jobs only in India but in any part of the world. In today’s and upcoming times, in IT(Information Technology) sector and AI(Artificial Intelligence) and a nutshell, there is a growing demand in the computer world.

The name of those courses is as follows:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • App Development 
  • Cybersecurity (As today there is a great need to get protected from Hackers)
  • Data Scientist
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Web development

10 Best Websites for Online Learning as follows.

These are the best websites for online learning courses.

1. Coursera

best websites for online learning

Stanford professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller founded Coursera, an online learning platform which offers many courses, degrees, and specializations.

It works with universities, and many organizations to offer online courses, specializations, and degrees in a variety of subjects and fields, such as biology, data science, computer science, digital marketing, engineering, humanities, medicine, social sciences, mathematics, business, and others.

Since June 2018, Coursera had more than 33 million registered students and more than 2,400 courses.


  • Mostly all courses are free if you don’t want to be certified.
  • It has the maximum number of courses from various fields.
  • Here, you can also join Moocs.
  • You can also do verified courses from most popular universities.
  • At coursera, you can complete your Master Degree while sitting at home.
  • Courses are available for all subjects.
  • Besides, they also offer forums in which you can discuss with other students.
  • Certification range starts from Rs2000.
  • The most important thing is that they also give you Education aid for certification courses if you’re unable to afford that.


  • The video quality may not be always clear.
  • I didn’t find any disadvantage with Coursera except above one. If you find any, you can tell me in the comment section.

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2. Edx

best websites for online learning

edX is a (MOOC), provider. It hosts online university-level courses in a wide range. Therefore, they offer it to the worldwide students, including some courses at no charge. While edX is a nonprofit organization and runs on the free open-source software platform.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University made edX in May 2012. More than 70 schools, nonprofit organizations, and corporations offer or plan to offer courses on the edX website. Since 29 December 2017, edX has around 14 million students taking more than 1,800 courses online. is a nonprofit online learning platform which offers high-quality courses from Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, Microsoft and 130 other leading institutions. Where edX helps people to advance their careers with courses in computer programming, data science, business, finance, engineering, science and more. Since over 17 million people have joined edX.


  • All online courses are free to learn.
  • There are many courses which you can learn here.
  • You can join MOOC also.
  • You can also do verified certification for every course from universities which provide those courses.
  • Courses are available for every subject.
  • There are forums in which you can discuss your problems with other students and teachers of the courses.
  • Edx has its app so that you can also learn from there.


  • Certification cost ranges from $45 and higher (But it’s not a disadvantage as when you go to school you spent this amount of money normally.)
  • However, sometimes there is more reading material than in multimedia formats.

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3. Udacity

Udacity best online learning platforms for online education

Sebastian ThrunDavid Stavens, and Mike Sokolsky founded Udacity, Inc. which is a for-profit educational organization offering massive open online courses (MOOCs).

According to Thrun, the origin of the name Udacity comes from the company’s desire to be “audacious for you, the student”. Previously it focused on offering university-style courses, but now it focuses more on vocational courses for professionals.


  • There are a lot of courses for free to learn.
  • You can go for Nanodegree Program from which you can get yourself ready for jobs and a chance to get jobs in companies like Google, Amazon, AT&T, Kaggle and Many more.
  • Here, Courses are made by Udacity Experts in partnership with big companies.
  • Udacity will give you Rs 1000 when your referred friend does a Nanodegree course which you can spend to do a Nanodegree course for yourself.
  • All courses have video lessons which are easy to understand and has very less reading material.
  • There are forums in which you can discuss your problems with other students related courses.
  • They also provide a scholarship for Nanodegree program.
  • From Job point of view, Udacity is one of the best websites for online learning from all other sites.


  • Nanodegree Programs are a bit expensive that is more than Rs 20000 however on many occasions, they give a discount offer too.

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4. Udemy

Udemy best sites for online learning  for online education

Udemy is an online learning platform. Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar and Gagan Biyani created Udemy. While it is designed for pro adults. Unlike academic programs of old-style institutional schoolwork, Udemy gets content from content creators to sell online for a profit. Udemy provides tools for users to create a course, promote it and earn money from student tuition charges.

Most of the students take courses from Udemy mainly, as a means of improving job-related skills. Besides it credits are generated for technical certification for some courses. Udemy has also made a special effort to attract corporate trainers pursuing to create courses for employees of their company and other people.


  • There are a lot of courses for free with certifications.
  • Paid Courses are very cheap i.e. starts from approx. Rs500.
  • You can get certificates even for free as well as paid courses.
  • Field Experts like Engineers, Businessman, Teacher and other top-level experts made these courses.
  • All Courses are in video format.


  • Udemy Courses are not offered by University.

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5. Skillshare

Skillshare best online learning sites

Skillshare is an online learning community where people can learn from educational videos. However, the courses, which are not accredited, are available through subscription. Though the majority of courses focus on practical rather than theory, with the primary aim of learning by completing a project. The main course categories are creative art design, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, technology, and many more subtopics.

Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Malcolm Ong started Skillshare in November 2010 in New York City, New York where the site was live in April 2011.


  • Skillshare provides you with the course which you’ll need in real life to improve your pro skill.
  • All the course have video content.
  • You will get high-quality video content.
  • Skillshare offers you space to make a project and display your skills.
  • You can also earn 1month free premium subscription after referring your friend.
  • The courses are made by Experts and Skillshare itself.
  • Premium subscription costs only 10$/month for unlimited courses.
  • They provide a scholarship to their students.
  • It is the best websites for online learning to have a pro skill with Skillshare.


  • They don’t give certificates.
  • Courses are not provided by Universities.

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6. Alison

Alison one of the best online learning platforms

ALISON is a free online education platform that provides courses mostly related to workplace-based skills. Mike Feerick an Irish social entrepreneur founded Alison on 21 April 2007 in Galway, Ireland.

It has 11 million registered students, from which 1.5 million are graduated, and free access to 1,000 of courses in December 2017. Alison’s students also have access to courses published by popular institutions like Columbia University, Yale University, Cambridge University, and companies such as Microsoft and Google.


  • All courses are free to learn.
  • Almost every free courses have certification.
  • Courses are offered by popular universities.
  • Every course has video content.
  • Courses available here are on workplace-based skill.
  • Alison provides courses in almost all subjects.
  • Certification course starts from €12.00 and Diploma starts from €39.00.


  • I find its online video player quite difficult to use.

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7. Future Learn

FutureLearn is a digital education platform. It was founded in December 2012. The Open University in Milton Keynes, England is the owner of FutureLearn. Since May 2018 included 143 UK, international and non-university partners.


  • Many courses are free to learn.
  • You can also go for a monthly unlimited subscription which will cost you 199$ from which you can access all your courses.
  • All the courses are provided from top universities and special organisation.
  • You’ll find courses mostly related to every subject.
  • Certification is available even for free courses.


  • The subscription plan is a little costly.
  • There are limited free course.

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8. Academic Earth

Academic Earth was launched on March 24, 2009. The founders of Academic Earth were Richard Ludlow, Chris Bruner and Liam Pisano. While they offer free online video courses and academic lectures from the world’s top universities such as UC Berkeley, Princeton, UCLA, University of Michigan, Stanford, University of Oxford, Harvard, (MIT), and  Yale. It is considered a search engine for full-text scholarly information, with video courses covering around 50 primary subject disciplines ranging from Arts and Design, Mathematics, Astronomy, Biology, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Engineering, and many more subjects.


  • All Courses are free to learn.
  • Every course is in video format.
  • The courses they provide are offered by World’s top university.
  • You will find courses mostly related to all subjects.


  • They do not provide any certification courses.

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9. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization. Salman Khan created Khan Academy in 2008 to create a set of online tools that help to educate students. They produce short video lessons. The website and its content are provided mainly in English but are also available in other languages including Bengali, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Turkish, French, Georgian and German.


  • This site is for school and undergraduate students.
  • All Courses are free to learn.
  • All course content is in video format.
  • You will find courses mostly related to all subjects.
  • You can complete your courses from Mobile – App.
  • Courses are present in many different languages.
  • Besides, this website also includes extra practise exercises and materials for educators.
  • Khan Academy is the best websites for online learning for school students.


  • No certification for courses.
  • Courses are not provided by Universities rather it’s made by Khan Academy.

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10. Shaw Academy

ShawAcademy is the best online learning sites

Shaw Academy is a private online education organisation based in Dublin, Ireland. James Egan, Adrian Murphy founded shaw academy in 2013. It involves subjects like photography, nutrition, financial trading, digital marketing and web development. Shaw Academy also makes use of chats and a chatbot with peers to support education.


  • You’ll find courses related to the skill needed for your job but they are limited courses about 5-7 courses for each category.
  • Shaw Academy provides CPD certification.
  • Course content is in video format.
  • The monthly subscription of Rs 899 only.


  • Fewer Courses.

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My final thoughts

Friends I have a little suggestion for you. Once again, these are the best online learning sites. If you want to only learn something then you can go for free courses. But if you want certification for what you have learned then you should go for paid courses. One more thing Friends, if you like this article then write a comment below and share this with your other friends. All the websites which I have recommended in this article are the best websites for online learning.

If you have any question related to this, you can ask me in the comments below.


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