Best Websites for learning Web Development for Free in 2019

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Hey, are you looking for the Best Websites for learning Web Development for FREE? So you are in the right place. Hi there, it’s GizmoScience from So, as you all know today is the world of internet and technology. You know that many years ago there was no internet and so many businesses have just their offline presence and after the internet, they started making their online presence, how, by having a website. As you know, a new company opens every day and they need to have an online presence to grow their business.

So, if you want to make your career as a web developer, there are huge chances that your business/job as a web developer will grow. And I will help you in this by telling you that from where you can learn this and become a great web developer. So, in this article, I will tell you about the best websites for learning web development for free in 2019.

5 Best Websites for learning Web Development Courses

1. FreeCodeCamp freecodecamp website for web development for free

freeCodeCamp is a non-benefit association that consists of an online community forum, an interactive learning web platform, local organizations and chat rooms whose purpose is to make, learning web development available to everyone.


  • freeCodeCamp is free to learn, but you can donate if you want.
  • They make it easy for you to learn web development in three ways, firstly, you can learn by reading, secondly by watching videos, and finally by practising the code and all these are in one place.
  • You can do an internship for the companies by making their projects.
  • You will also get the certification on completion of each module on passing the test/building the projects.
  • The subjects/modules/courses you can learn there are JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Databases, Git and GitHub, Node.js, React.js and D3.js


  • I haven’t found any drawbacks of this website, so if you feel some, you can tell me in the comments below.

Link to website/course:

2. Edx

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Edx is one of the largest MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) providers. Here you can find many courses provided by the top universities in the world. In Edx the best web development course which I found is provided by W3Cx institution.


  • In Edx also you can do this for free.
  • You can find the content for reading and video courses.
  • This program consists of five sub courses CSS3 Basics, HTML and CSS3 Fundamentals, JavaScript Introduction, HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices and HTML5 Apps and Games.
  • You can test your skills with quizzes.


  • They don’t provide certificates for free if you want; you have to pay for it. But you can complete the course for free.
  • There is no online editor in it you have to go to another online website editor like for practice.
  • This course is about Web design at the front end.

Link to Website/courses: Edx courses by W3Cx

3. W3 Schools

best website for website development course W3 Schools

W3Schools is an online learning web development educational web site. It was created in 1998. The name comes from the World Wide Web but does not apply to the W3C. Refsnes Software owns W3Schools, a Norwegian consulting and software development firm.


  • W3Schools provides free web development course to learn.
  • They not only provide Web Development courses to learn but also provide programming courses or you can say lessons about, web development and programming.
  • The exercises/lessons which they give are HTML, CSS, JavaScript in Front-end Development and SQL, PHP, ASP and other for Back-end Development.
  • They even offer Python, Java and C++ programming lessons.
  • You can practice in their online editorial manager on location and also take challenges.
  • You can discover numerous models there from which you can learn more.


  • They don’t provide certificates for free; you have to pay for it. Individual lesson cost about 95$. For example, you have to pay this price only for HTML lessons or CSS lessons. So, in that way, it may be more costly.
  • You can’t find any video tutorials on this website.

Link to

4. Udacity

Udacity is a for-profit educational organization. In Udacity you can find many paid and free courses given by top Technical Companies.


  • You can learn Web development in Udacity free of charge as well as you can do Nanodegree program also.
  • You can find video and text content also.
  • You will earn the certificates if you do the Nanodegree program and they also make you prepare for jobs.
  • Here you can learn JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and other back-end languages.


Link to free course

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization whose aim is to provide free education to everyone. Here you can do any course. You can even do your primary and secondary studies; you can prepare yourself for civil-service exams and many more.


  • You can thoroughly learn about web development at Khan Academy.
  • They offer HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other back-end languages courses.
  • The course is in video and text format.
  • You can practice on-site in their online editor.
  • It is one of the best websites for learning web development as it is free and this is run by a non-profit organization.


  • They don’t give certificates.
  • Besides the above cons, there are no cons to this website. So you can consider this as one of the best websites for learning web development.

Link to Khan Academy web development courses


The name of the websites I am sharing you in this article are the best websites for learning web development because I am also learning/taking web development courses from these websites. And that’s why I am sharing my own experience with these websites. I have personally tried these websites. And I don’t want to waste your time for searching the best website for web development courses.

And I am recommending you to go for as I have found nothing more best than that websites. But finally, it’s your choice from which site you want to do this. Our only goal is to learn web development.

Thanks for giving so much of your precious time for reading this article. If you like the knowledge which I have shared with you in this article then, Share it and Subscribe Now and don’t forget to press the bell icon🔔 at your left corner👈.


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